Monday, March 24, 2008

Leap Frog Videos are Awesome!!!

No, I'm not getting paid by LeapFrog to advertise their videos, but I just have to put a little plug in here. I just love the videos that LeapFrog puts out. There is Letter Factory, Talking Words Factory, Learn to Read, and Math Circus. There may be more? I heard about these from one of my neighbors who got it for her daughter. She swore by them. So I went and got one for Zeke. We now have 3 of them. Let me just say that after owning the Letter Factory for just 1 week, and Zeke watching it several times, he knew almost all of his letters and their sounds. It was amazing! And this is a kid who has had no preschool at all before this. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has young kids. It will give them an early start at letters and reading. We just bought the Math Circus so I can't say yet how well that one teaches numbers, but I will be able to soon!

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