Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zeke singing Sean Kingston's "Me Love"

I have entered Zeke into a contest on the local radio station 97.1 ZHT. It is a "kiddieokee" contest. The kids are supposed to sing a popular song that is played on the radio. You post a video of them on the web page, and then people vote. The video above is the one we entered in the contest. There are 2 age groups: 2-4 year olds, and 5-7 year olds. Zeke is 4 so in the younger age group. They only allow 1 vote per IP address, so I'm trying to get people to vote for him. 1 winner in each age groups wins a trip to Disneyland. If you would like to help him win, click on this link to go vote..... http://www.971zht.com/pages/kiddieokee/ Zeke is entry# 59. Every vote helps! Voting goes until March 27th at noon.

Zeke is so cute when it comes to singing along with the radio. He has several songs that he knows all the words to. When we are driving in the car and he's singing along, he really gets into it. He gets his head going, gets a serious look on his face, and sings along. Of course when I got the camera on him to record it, he wouldn't do any of that. He liked to goof around for the camera, but he's still a cutie! What amazes me, is that he will pick up on little things in the song that you don't even realize are there. Little sounds in the music, or background singer parts. He sings those parts! It's crazy! That's my little cutie pie!

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