Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Happy Halloween everyone!!! Tonight we had our ward Halloween party. It was lots of fun! We had trick-or-treating for the kids in the rooms of the church. People decorated doors/rooms and handed out candy to the kids. Then in the basement (our church has 3 levels) we had a spook alley for those brave enough to go through. Brother Sorenson (one of the members of our bishopric), my dad and son (BJ), and others worked really hard and did a great job. The theme was "haunted toys." I, of course, had to go through it snapping pictures of everyone. It was kinda crazy cause it was dark, but my flash lit up the pictures really good. So, it may not look so scary in the pics, but imagine it in the dark with strobe lights and fog machines. The boys had a great time scaring people. Zeke refused to even go through it, even though he knew the people in it. So, don't get scared looking at the pictures.
*Notice that we had the support of McCain and Palin at our spook alley! :o)

enter if you dare...

(above) BJ - the clown walking on his hands

dancing freaky clown and zombie

freaky Elmo (none of the kids will ask for Elmo for Christmas now)

bloody skeleton dude to jump out at you

Dad as Dumbledore

where they got their candy, if they made it that far!

freaky Elmo with spooky fog

Sarah Palin helping control the floating haunted toys

John McCain leading the kids through the spook alley

will Dumbledore give you some candy?

watch out, he'll jump out at you!

some more scary clowns

another Sarah, helping control the dropping spiders

a scary creepy lookin' dude

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sara said...

looks like bj got his costume figured out! it looks awesome! i bet he & dad did a good job! looks like fun!