Sunday, October 19, 2008

Summer Visit from Cousins

Yup, this is me playing catch-up again. :o) This summer we had some of our Texas cousins (John, Natalia, Devin, Aiden, Liam), and Georgia Aunt (Marsha) and cousin (Nathan) visit. We had lots of fun with them. I didn't get the greatest pictures, and didn't even get all of them in the pics. But here are a few I took at a little get-together we had at our house. There are also some of the locals in the pics.

Zeke had so much fun playing with Liam while they were here. Too bad they aren't closer. In fact, right now, he's pointing at the picture saying, "Mommy, there's my friend!" Me and the boys went to the zoo with John and Natalia and their boys while they were here.

BJ, Jason, and Nathan went to Boondocks one of the days. They had fun, but you'll have to ask one of them about our crazy experience in the car when I was driving them there. Let's just say that all of our lives flashed before our eyes (or at least all of their lives flashed before my eyes, anyway)!

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